What is rah?

The site offers a collection of plugins made for Textpattern, a great open source content management system.

Author under the surface

My name is Jukka [ˈjukːa]. I’m a former bear wrestler, an idiot that cut his hair too short and current developer and programmer dedicating time to all web, modular, neat and fabulously pretty. By some changes and hoops, I ended up as the author of few Textpattern plugins, some bad, some the worst.

Products that power Rah

There are number of great products and services that are being used to run this theater, and deployed in the daily development process that produces these magnificently variegating projects.

Since June 2011 Springloops has been our host of choice for private git repositories and issue trackers. While their user interface lefts something to hope for on mobile end, their service hasn’t let down where it’s important. Committing changes to source code has been reliable and service downtime has been on the molecular level outside from scheduled updates.