Rah's Commentquoting Js

This plugin has been deprecated, and is nolonger supported. You can do the same stuff without a plugin by using small JavaScript snippet offering same functionality. There is no need for this type of plugin that only acts as a dummy JavaScript wrapper.

We still offer rah_commentquoting_js's old downloads to those that want it, but please be careful. Old things may get outdated fast and things can break. Using the old downloads on production environment is not recommended.

A small example using jQuery:

$('.quote').click(function(e) {

	var comment = {
		msg : $(this).parents('.comment').find('.message').text(),
		name : $(this).parents('.comment').find('.name').text()

	var quote = '*'+comment.name+':*'+"\n\n"+'bq. '+comment.msg+"\n\n";
	var field = $('textarea#message');

The above copies a comment when a .quote link is clicked. It then prepends that content to the #message field. The snippets expects a following type of markup from an individual comment:

<div class="comment">
	<div class="name"><txp:comment_name /></div>
	<div class="message"><txp:comment_message /></div>
	<div><a class="quote" href="#">Quote</a></div>