Rah's Format Size

This plugin has been superseded by rah_function. Since Textpattern version 4.5.0 r4027 the core has offered it’s own file size formatting function, format_filesize. As there is a general function available for this, rah_function can now be used to do the same and more as the old rah_format_size could.

We still offer rah_format_size's old downloads to those that want it, but please be careful. Old things may get outdated fast and things can break. Using the old downloads on production environment is not recommended.

As of r4027 rah_function can be used to format a numeric byte value:

<txp:rah_function call="format_filesize" bytes="107895" />

You can use the following to calculate a contained statements size using rah_function:

<txp:rah_function call="strlen, format_filesize">
	...contained statement...