Rah's Plugin

This project has been dropped due to low (to no) interest. The project never got out of the beta stages. Using the project is not encouraged. It isn’t stable, and the plugin is kind of a broken test subject.

We still offer rah_plugin's old downloads to those that want it, but please be careful. Old things may get outdated fast and things can break. Using the old downloads on production environment is not recommended.

Development of rah_plugin project has been ceased as the interest never picked up, not by developers, nor by users. The plugin should be considered dropped, and using it on production environment is not advices. The plugin never made out of beta, so there might be some features that are not fully functional. For example pagination doesn’t work.

You might want to check out soo_plugin_display instead. Soo_plugin_display is developed by very talented hands, and is our recommendation.