Rah's Section Titles

Rah_section_titles makes Textpattern’s Write panel’s section drop-down list display section titles instead of names.


Version 0.7 Aug 27, 2012
Other versions...

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Rah_section_title’s minimum requirements:

  • Textpattern v4.5.0 or newer.


Rah_section_titles’ installation follows the standard plugin installation steps.

  1. Download the plugin installation code.
  2. Copy and paste the installation code into the Install plugin box of your Textpattern Plugin pane.
  3. Run the automated setup.
  4. After the setup is done, activate the plugin. Done.

The plugin is now in use and the Write panel’s sections list displays titles.


Version 0.7 – 2012/08/27

  • Load the plugin on async requests.
  • Now requires Textpattern v4.5.0.

Version 0.6 – 2012/07/30

  • Fixed: Reintroduced missing HTML id attribute.

Version 0.5 – 2012/07/30

  • Fixed: Sorting. Sections are sorted by the title and not the name.
  • Changed: Now works server-side by using pluggable_ui instead of JavaScript.
  • Textpattern v4.5.0 compatibility.

Version 0.4 – 2011/11/25

  • Now uses Textpattern’s escape_js() to escape the strings used in JavaScript, and script_js() to return the JavaScript wrapped in script tags.
  • As of version 0.4, requires Textpattern version 4.4.0 or newer.

Version 0.3 – 2011/06/28

  • Fixed: Don’t throw up JavaScript when the browser has JavaScript disabled.
  • Changed: Escape HTML markup by using jQuery’s text() method instead of html().
  • Changed: Plugin type to the newer admin-side only.

Version 0.2 – 2010/06/09

  • Better compatibility with other plugins that play with the same drop-down, and better integration with TXP. Now the plugin doesn’t replace the entire dropdown, but only the labels within each item.
  • Generally improved code.
  • Moved the JavaScript to <head>.
  • Now requires Textpattern 4.0.7 or newer.

Version 0.1.2 – 2008/09/04

  • Added missing <br />.

Version 0.1 – 2008/07/12

  • Initial release.