Making some cool plugins for Textpattern CMS since `07

Including the following 6 and even some more.

rah_bitly v0.4.2

Gives Textpattern CMS’ articles tiny Bitly powered short links. These links are generated automatically when an article is published and stored in a custom field of your choosing. Easy to setup, just define your credentials via graphical user interface. Adds zero more steps to article publishing. Made by Jukka Svahn’s tiny hand, using and loving Bitly.


rah_wrach v0.3

Rah_wrach is a tiny admin-side plugin for Textpattern CMS that makes users to choose an article’s designated section before going to the actual editor on the Write panel.


rah_external_output v1.0.4

Rah_external_output is a Textpattern plugin that can be used create custom content-type snippets. These snippets can be requested with a publicly accessible URL, and used as pages or to provide site’s content over in form of JSON or XML to JavaScript or across domains.


rah_function v0.7.1

Every function is a <txp:tag />. Rah_function allows you to call any PHP function in Textpattern’s tag syntax. No need for PHP snippets, ending nor closing PHP tags — the only thing you need is a XML like tag.


rah_expanding v1.3

Rah_expanding brings dynamically expanding textareas to Textpattern CMS admin-side interfaces. With the plugin installed, textarea elements will grow with a user’s input. While the user types, the field’s height will increase to fit the content.


rah_post_versions v0.9

Store and revive old versions of articles, categories, sections, forms and pages. Rah_post_versions embeds revision control to Textpattern’s admin interface. The plugin monitors changes made thru the web-based admin interface and stores the versions to repository.