Rah's Change Passwords

Rah_change_passwords is a Textpattern plugin that allows Publishers to freely change any user’s password and resetting login sessions directly from the Users panel.

The main difference to Textpattern CMS’ built in password resetting feature is that you as a Publisher, and the site’s main administrator, can change any user’s passwords to anything you want. As such, users do not need to receive emails containing automatically generated passwords or do password restoring themselves.


Version 1.0.1 Sep 19, 2012
Other versions...

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Minimum requirements:

  • Textpattern 4.5.0 or newer.


Rah_change_passwords’ installation follows the standard plugin installation steps.

  1. Download the plugin installation code.
  2. Copy and paste the installation code into the Install plugin box of your Textpattern Plugin pane.
  3. Run the automated setup.
  4. After the setup is done, activate the plugin. Done.


Rah_change_password will add extra options to the Users panel’s editor. When logged in with a Publisher account, you will see options to change the password when editing any user account. These added extra options include a way to reset login sessions, to change and optionally email passwords.


Version 1.0.1 – 2012/09/19

  • Added: Support links to the help file.

Version 1.0 – 2012/09/19

  • Added: Finnish translation.
  • Changed: Integrates with the native user editor located at the Users panel.
  • Changed: Removed embedded language strings and moved them to textpacks.
  • Changed: Now uses class methods, and requires PHP 5.
  • Improved: Textpattern 4.5.0 compatibility, look and feel.
  • Now requires Textpattern 4.5.0 or newer.

Version 0.8 – 2011/11/22

  • Fixed: Missing language string.
  • Changed: Menu label to title case.

Version 0.7 – 2011/11/19

  • Added: autocomplete="off" to the inputs too.
  • Changed: Shortened admin-side step names to simple edit and save.
  • Removed: That header and documentation link in effort to make the pane look more native.

Version 0.6 – 2011/06/18

  • Fixed: Changed “Yes” and “No” to language strings.
  • Added: Now takes advantage of CSRF protection introduced in Textpattern v4.4.1.
  • Dropped backwards compatibility layer used from v0.4 to 0.5. Users using older Textpattern version can still keep using older versions of rah_change_passwords.
  • Now requires Textpattern version 4.4.1 or newer.

Version 0.5 – 2011/06/01

  • Added: Disabled password autocompletion by adding autocomplete="off" to the form.
  • Added: The interface now has language string support.
  • Changed: Now only accepts requests sent as POST. GETs are ignored by the password changer.

Version 0.4 – 2011/03/23

  • Added PHPass support while keeping compatibility with older TXP versions (v4.3.0 and older).
  • Added option to reset user’s current session.
  • Remembers the field values if returned to the form because of an error.
  • Small wording and styling changes.

Version 0.3 – 2010/10/25

  • Changed the Email the password to the user? dropdown (select field) to radio buttons.
  • Changed the plugin type to the newer Admin only.
  • Removed inline CSS.
  • Removed unused HTML IDs.
  • Now requires Textpattern version 4.0.7 or newer.

Version 0.2 – 2010/06/01

  • Added check against if password, user or confirmation password is empty.
  • Added option to not email the password.
  • Now checks that the database update was successful before sending email.
  • Now by default the user dropdown has no user selected. Reduces the change of accidentally resetting Joe instead of John.
  • Updated the styling.

Version 0.1 – 2008/10/24

  • Initial release.