Rah's Output Section Form

Rah_output_section_form has been superseded by core. The form name prefixing can be done with just core output_form tags with the tags-in-tag support added in Textpattern v4.0.7 release.

The only difference is that output_form will invoke informal error messages when a missing form partial is encountered. These message are informal and harmless, and will only be visible when the site is in a debugging or a testing mode.

Fallback support can be provided with variables tags and yield allows building factory partials with just core tags.

We still offer rah_output_section_form's old downloads to those that want it, but please be careful. Old things may get outdated fast and things can break. Using the old downloads on production environment is not recommended.

To output a form corresponding to the current section:

<txp:output_form form='sidebar-<txp:section />' />

Using <txp:yield /> to power building factories:

<txp:output_form form="call">s-<txp:section /></txp:output_form>

Where in the above a form named call would contain:

<txp:variable name="form"><txp:output_form form='<txp:yleid />' /></txp:variable>
<txp:if_variable name="form" value="">
	No Form named <txp:yield /> found, showing fallback.
<txp:else />
	<txp:variable name="form" />

The form call can contain any type of processing that is done automatically when the factory partial is used to call other form partials.