There are some things that, in some odd way, make me very unhappy, sad. Like this sentense that came from the heart of TXPQ project’s owner, Peter aka zero.

Who would like to develop TXPQ into the true community site it was always meant to be?

Dammit, why TXPQ should die? It should still live as it had succefully spread Textpattern’s word. Also one of the greates things were those TXPQ’s Who uses Textpattern -articles, including us, the regular Textpattern designers, developers, members and proud users.

One word Peter, don’t give up. But if it’s gone to this, someone good hearted could give assist and a new home to TXPQ. I would want to, but I don’t have what it takes, I’m no famous and frankly, my heart is stone and dark. But I love that little Textpattern Magazine.

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