There are couple of plugins waiting some magic to happen. Some of them are quite big ones so it might to take some time to get them working properly. Two major ones of those are:

  • rah_gravatar
  • rah_admin_themer

Those names are quite self-explaning. The second, rah_admin_themer, thought is quite hard one to get working properly, ‘cause of what it does: it themes Textpattern backend.

Allows you to share, install and upload backend themes with simple interface, and to make it even sweeter, it comes with punch of new <txp:admin_tags />. Want a new tabmenu, build with uls or footer with slogan? That is exactly what rah_admin_themer does.

But there is pitfall: Textpattern isn’t meant to be themed. Dang. So it takes f’time to make it to work with out conflicting other plugins. And guess what, Textpattern’s buffer and register_tab mechanism doesn’t help much, instead it just makes things harder.

What doesn’t yet work?

  • “Omg, what you have done”-message that comes up when you ie. delete article or update form.
  • TXP 4.0.7 list and multiselect expand JavaScript.
  • Footer doesn’t accept Textpattern tags: problems with buffer.
    • There was a fix but it is too hacky, easy but I think it is not valid.

What about that gravatar thingy?

Rah_gravatar allows you to use gravatars. Commentator gravatars, yes my lord! I think is full of shit, the gravatars, but ppl just want it, so I’m working on it.


  • Full server side SQL caching
  • Admin panel to manage saved gravatars.
  • Simple tags to show the gravatars.

The release date

Somewhere in future. Xmas present maybe? The gravatars should come earlier than themer thought.

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