We have noticed that some of you are using older versions of Textpattern, which isn’t exactly adviced, but we (or I) still want to allow you to use, and enjoy, rah plugins. This also gives you an option to fallback if some of the releases causes you problems or removes feature that was important to you.

I’ve got couple of reports from users that did forget to read the updated system requirements and changelogs, and after updating noticed that the plugin was nolonger compatible with their setup.

I won’t be supporting older versions, only the latest stables, and it’s adviced to be careful when downloading and installing the ancients. Atleast check that the version haven’t got any security updates. Security and bug related changes are prefixed with Fix: in the changelogs. The condition of the older version is the exact same it was in the past. We don’t take any responsibility of the problems you may experience when using the ancients.

For now not all of the old releases are available for download. Only the versions released after September 7h, 2009 are downloadable. This is due the fact that in that date I started using the current system which is also delivering the downloads. I will (in nearish future) add more versions as I go thru the backups and convert them to the new system.

I hope this feature is helpful to you, take care.

Have tips, tricks or feedback? Let @gocom on Twitter to know.